Seka Rewards a Puppy Saver

Seka Rewards a Puppy Saver

Seka Black 10min - 1080p - 236,989

One of Seka's puppies escapes and is returned by her neighbor. She finds out that he knows who the dog belonged to because every Black Man in her building knows the "Hot Blonde" who lives on the top floor and the dogs she walks daily. In the spirit of "Neighborly Love" she invites him in for coffee. Of course his muscular body is a turn on for Seka and she decides he should be rewarded with more than just a cup of coffee. After a slow Blow Job he licks Seka's blonde pussy until she can't stand it any longer and they enjoy a hard fuck right in the living room. Seka promises to call him the next time one of her puppies goes missing.



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