Bashful Receptionist - ENF

Bashful Receptionist - ENF

Sammi Starfish 1min 40sec - 1080p - 105,713

Hi, I'm 39-year-old Sammi, your favorite real life to jerk off to.  This is a brief preview of a 13 minute movie where I am an office receptionist role playing where I am tricked into into a super skimpy garter with no bottoms except for my pantyhose.  And the trickery continues as I find myself being stared at as I clean the floor and the bottom of my office chair on my hands and knees.  This progresses into a humiliating office "workout" and dildo blowjob.  My "boss's" speech is inferred so my voice is the only one you will hear.  A lot of talking in this video if you like the sound of my voice ;)



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