Nerd took r. on a spoiled college girl - 1h HITACHI BDSM

Nerd took r. on a spoiled college girl - 1h HITACHI BDSM

Sasha Bikeyeva 60min - 1440p - 457,042

1h BDSM A spoiled student wakes up in an unfamiliar place and realizes that her arms and legs are tied and she is completely immobilized, she calls for help and her classmate, whom she called a nerd and bad words for , enters the room. He tells her that now she will atone for her, and he takes out a hitachi vibrator. As soon as she wants to cum, he abruptly removes the vibrator and laughs. This continues for a long time and the student begs to let her cum. And he agrees only if she thanks him for every orgasm. She is angry but agrees. He massages her pussy around, substitutes a vibrator for the clitoris, changes speed and the student finishes again and again. Her body shudders, shaking from orgasms. The student turns on the most powerful mode on the vibrator and does not remove it from the pussy for a long time. She receives 31orgasm, most of which are squirt. And after every orgasm she says Thank you!



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