showing my boyfriend friend my pussy so he can cum

showing my boyfriend friend my pussy so he can cum

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My boyfriend and his friend is very close and one day i overheard my boyfriend friend (Shawn) was telling my boyfriend he was not getting it up sometimes and was a bit worried. When I heard it I tried to move and ended up bumping into the table. They saw me and I told them I didn't hear anything. They looked at me and then my boyfriend said he had an idea but if I was up to it. I said what? He said if I can give Shawn a handjob. I said OMG!!! I don't know if that is a good idea. Although I knew Shawn for over 4 years and is good friends with both my boyfriend and I, I said I don't know. Then a few days passed and my boyfriend asked again. I said if Shawn is ok with it I will. Besides I didn't mind seeing Shawn cock. So one day we hooked up all three of us. My boyfriend taped while Shawn laid on the bed and I took of his pants and started to wack him off. He was very soft and out of no surprised my boyfriend pulled off my panties and I started to play with my pussy and problem solved..



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