Dr Selah Helps The Whoring Queen Spit

Dr Selah Helps The Whoring Queen Spit

Selah Rain 21min - 1080p - 1,243,803

When Queen Spit reaches out to Dr Selah because she has a problem expressing herself in what other feel is a WHORISH manner...Dr Selah knows just what to do to help. But first, as I do with all my clients, I need to get a complete feeling of how bad of a Super Slut Queen Spit really is! So naturally to make her comfortable with me I start to let her know about my super sleazy slutty past and rubbing her. She responded quickly to my therapeutic advances and quickly began touching me back. I thought it would be appropriate for her to show off her oral skills with some of my toys in the office and to my surprise she lived up to her name swallowing them whole! this of course made me soaked and wet and I had to taste what Queen Spit was hiding under that skimpy little piece of material she called a dress. The session heated up real quick when I realized I was on top of my desk showering my office and her whole face as I was squirting to the pulsation of her licking my clit! This session was just getting started...what more do you think a dirty slut Porn Whore like Queen Spit and an Ex Slut Town Porn Whore Turned Dr for kicks can do to each other....Ohhhh Just You Watch And See How Nasty We Get!!!



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