Holiday TitJob - teaser - (titty-fuck, blowjob, cum-between-tits) - AmedeeVause

Holiday TitJob - teaser - (titty-fuck, blowjob, cum-between-tits) - AmedeeVause

Amedee Vause 12min - 1080p - 77,639

The best New Year's present is a hot TitJob! He's horny, lustful as I'm sucking him and deepthroating him just to get his cock wet enough to slide between my boobs. I'm going to get sloppy, pushing his cock deep in my throat and licking it like a delicious flavored lollipop to tease him and make him want my tits even more. He has to keep himself from cumming every time I drag him onto the very edge. It's actually quite complicated not to cum when you're in his situation, simultaneously feeling my boobs and watching them bounce up in down, his cock in the middle, on and on, lubricated by my spit and his little drops of pre-cum. I mean, fucking my tits is his favorite activity in the whole wide world, can you blame him? Those tits are meant to be fucked, they look even better cum glazed! Oh, speaking of cum... after a lengthy, well-deserved hot TitJob he glazed my boobs like a New-Year's cake... white, sticky, warm cum all over them, the fit prize for such a sexy TitJob!



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