The More Raw It Is...

The More Raw It Is...

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19-year-old newbie Joshua Lewis makes his See HIM Fuck debut this week and we paired HIM up with spinner cutie Xxlayna Marie (pronounced YUH-LAYNA) for today's raw sex update. Joshua does a sexy striptease for Xxlayna and when he drops those See HIM boxers, she can't help but plop that teen dick into her mouth. Xxlayna then lubes HIM up, making sure Joshua's cock stays stiff and his lovely backside stays slick. Then we get down to the ass-eating, as Xxlayna licks and tongue-fucks his pink butthole in a couple of positions, teasing HIM with her fingertip every now and then. The two then trade oral treats, as first Joshua licks and suckles on her juicy clit, then Xxlayna deepthroats his stiff prick. Next, she gets into the piledriver position and the fucking starts. Joshua fucks that coed coochie in both a front and backwards piledriver, amazon, cowgirl, sideways and missionary until he can hold out no longer and makes a big map or Hawaii on her stomach



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